Love Poems

Love Poems

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Love poem title: Lover's Rhyme

Oh! Come love me now,
for there will be plenty of time for sleep.
Like a schooner at sea with massive white sails full blown in the wind,
we shall ride the mighty waves of ecstasy together,
heart over mind through the waves of good and troubled times.
Then our lives will be forever one in this lover's rhyme!

Jackie R. Kays © 06


Love poem title: Lost Love

Oh! How I wish for the sun, sea,
and the raven hair beauty that once used to be.
We danced and sang and loved on the
sandy beaches, near the open sea.

We captured time in a bottle
and threw it into the deep blue water.
We slowly sipped our glass of wine,
and laughed at the silly things we did
each time we used to dine.

But our love was not to be.
For you see…

On a cold rainy night in Barcelona,
my darling fell ill and suffered from
a devastating chill.

A gossamer winged Angel
came in the dark of night,
and took my raven hair
beauty on a heavenly flight.

I can still see her smiling face,
surrounded by white Spanish
lace and feel her loving  grace.

The lonely months have turned to years,
but that hasn’t stopped the flow of my
daily tears.

I wish I could find that
bottle floating in the sea
and turn back time…
for her and me.

So that raven hair beauty in her
lovely white gown could hear
those cathedral bells chiming
that beautiful wedding sound.

Jackie R. Kays


Love poem title: I Think She Loves Me!

I was standing in the old pool hall.
She was sitting there on a bar stool,
pretty and tall.  

I turned and whispered in her ear.
She jumped up and hit me with a left
hook that upset my beer.

She caught me with a right that dropped me to my knees.
Then she kicked be in the stomach and stomped
on my head, until I bled.

All of my old buddies made a quick exit into the hall.
Then she pulled out her cell phone and made
one quick  call.

Oh! I think she loves me!
Cause she called an ambulance,
before she called the law!

Jackie R. Kays


Love poem title: The Dark Mask of a Secret Love

The angel of death took her hand,
A secret love…
tears of sorrow on the
checks of a broken man.

A dark haired beauty, unsurpassed,
a faded rose from a time long past,
haunting memories that will forever last.

Years have come and years have past,
but love remains even though…
he still wears the secret mask.

The faded rose he holds in his hand,
memories of her, he will never abandon.

As long as he holds the faded rose,
his love lives and grows.

This man in forever sorrow, he awaits
the hand of the angel of death.
For he shall love her until he takes
his last breath.

Jackie R. Kays

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